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Who we are

Our core Management team drawn from quality B Schools in India. Our network team has an in-depth hands-on knowledge of the Internet ecosystem around the world and helps our network become class- leading. Our Operational team is from top Indian ISP's, Entire team contain knowledge to map and make effective network across Delhi NCR.

Our operations team drawn from top Indian ISPs has overseen evolution of Broadband in India and has the effective knowhow and resources to rollout seamless networks across length and breadth of the country.

We’re committed to make Internet simple for all clients to connect across both our own network and the National Network. Our vision is to lead the market wit services that harness the potential of the Internet and then differentiate with an ring customer service. We employ more than 50+ enthusiastic under Global Roof.

Internet Service Provider: An Overview

Global NET has its own set of rules and guidelines with the customers:

  • We prefer to be transparent with you
  • We always believe in catering value for money
  • We believe in giving you alternative to choose from
  • Plans are very simple and clearly illustrated to the customers. It gives the customer all the flexibility required to get their money worth.

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