Efficient connectivity is as important as constant connectivity for businesses, and this is where shared internet lines falter. Multiple linear user accesses can lead to bandwidth shortfall, and delays.

Global's lease line connection provides an effective solution to this problem. It lets you connect on a dedicated line, ensuring constant bandwidth which paves the way for reliable high-speed communication. In the rare chance that you encounter any glitches, our dedicated account managers will ensure your issue gets resolved promptly. Businesses need reliable internet connectivity to communicate and conduct business transactions. As your connectivity partner, Global understands the business needs and can provide reliable & consistent internet connectivity with multiple options serving a range of requirements and budgetary considerations of clients, from large corporates to small / home offices

For Small / Home Offices (SOHO) and Small / Medium Enterprises (SME), we provide

Very high-speed internet connections (ranging 10 Mbps - 1 Gbps) With symmetric speeds Wide range of data limit options (Megabytes or Gigabytes) Priority Support

For Enterprises, we provide

  • Internet Leased Lines at dedicated bandwidth
  • Symmetric speeds with committed high-level uptimes (SLA Based)
  • Committed low latency
  • Fibre-to-the-office (FTTO) connectivity over a dedicated Gigabit Switch
  • 100% committed bandwidth
  • 24x7 Prioritize support system
  • CALL OUR COORPORATE SALES TEAM ON +91-7065011110 and then press 2

Global's SMART Internet Leased Line (GSILL) for higher customer satisfaction Global SMART ILL enables an enterprise to monitor, block or limit the access to unproductive traffic and thus helps an enterprise to effectively increase the bandwidth for productive work by 60% - 100%. This also helps an enterprise to save the cost of expensive tools used by the enterprises at their end to perform the same activities.

  • Block unproductive / bad traffic and optimize the bandwidth throughput
  • Prioritize bandwidth usage
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Online Billing and support portal
  • 24X7 Proactive Monitoring and NOC support
  • Dedicated relationship officer