We at Global RA aims to provide an Ultra-High-Speed broadband service with best seamless internet experience. Our high-speed internet lets you quickly stream or download HD movies without compromising with quality. Fast Lightning Speed of 50 Mbps to 150 Mbps for power users with the advantage of post FUP Speed. We provide reliability with respect to connection service without any event of failure. So now, use internet without any malfunction and enjoy high speed internet.


To be a Ready Business means having constant access to content and superior internet-powered connectivity that is robust and secure. Global RA NET Internet Leased Lines offer reliable, high-speed internet services that are secure and cost-effective. As one of the best Internet Leased Line providers in Ghaziabad, it is favorable for Global RA NET as well as small enterprises with constant dependency on the Internet.


Global RA NET offers seamless internet connectivity with guaranteed uptime of the Wi-Fi Services across the hotel and hotel premises. Our State of Art PIN Management System is a very user-friendly option for the guests to use our services along with the Bandwidth on Demand feature. We enhance the coverage by the new wireless network covering all the Dead Zones by providing Access Points to Guest Room, Hotel Lobby, Restaurant & Dining Hall. Global RA NET’s centralized Wi-Fi management platform allows the Hotel Network Administrator easy to manage and monitor the entire wireless network with better efficiency. Global RA NET also take cares to provide secure connection due to authorized access after proper user authentication with the negligible chances of hacking the other system within network in premises


GlobalXS owns the largest business fixed wireless & fiber network in Ghaziabad. We are the largest private ISP supplying managed broadband services to the education sector in Ghaziabad, with approximately over 12,000 students using our Wi-Fi and Ethernet services each year. Students need fast and reliable service to tap the world's knowledge, connect with people, with the whole experience safely monitored for usage reporting. Global RA NET caters to the LAN, WAN, Internet and Wi-Fi requirements of any educational institute.


Global aims to revolutionize Healthcare sector by enabling healthcare professionals quickly access internet enabled tools and services instead of manually managing processes or tracking down resources. Our chain of products helps healthcare sector to provide robust and new technology solution.


Wi-Fi access in shopping centers is quickly becoming a customer expectation that continues to grow. Global R A already supplies both paid and free Wi-Fi services across Ghaziabad. GlobalXS owns and manages our own end to end solution, including a hosted back end and billing systems. We maintain direct peering links with major content providers and peering exchanges (eg. Google, Akamai, Amazon, etc) to ensure high speed access to all content. We enable retail chains such as Reliance Smart use our connectivity without any congestion or failure in the network.


Events are often defined by remote locations, temporary timeframes, and a heavy reliance on reliable communications across the internet from start to finish. Nothing can go wrong in an environment where anything might. Your network and internet provider need to be experienced in this context. The GlobalXS team intimately understand the unique variables in this environment and as such have become the provider of choice for some of the most significant cultural, government and corporate events.